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Your dream furniture just met its maker.

Let's build something beautiful.


Your needs guide my design.  To help you craft something you'll love for years, I create 3d models and share with you for feedback.



Get frequent progress photos to help me ensure that your needs and expectations are being met or exceeded.

Your dream furniture will come to life in the hands of a seasoned craftsman, and last for generations.

My Work


A selection of pieces I've designed and crafted.  

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Clients are saying...

Greene & Green Adirondack Bench and Chair

“We have enjoyed many pieces of quality crafted furniture built by Russell. We have the bench and Adirondack chair... We know we can count on him to be meticulous with his craftsmanship...You will not be disappointed. ”



—  Susan D,

Adirondack Bench & Chair


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Let me know by sending a message.  I'm always up for helping clients by meeting over a cup of coffee to design a custom piece.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Philosophy of Woodworking

Integrity: this one word sums up my design philosophy.  Things should be what they seem to be. If it looks like wood on the surface, it should be wood all the way through. I create functional art that brings satisfaction and contentment to owners for decades. I create furniture that is as well-constructed as it is beautiful.  I aim to create heirlooms.


In my pursuit of this goal, I hold my work to extremely high standards.  I use time-tested traditional solid wood joinery instead of cheap-but-fast pocket screws.  I slow down and use hand tools to get the fit just right. I work in solid, locally-sourced hardwoods whenever possible.  


I believe wood is beautiful in its own natural state.  Walnut is a species, not a color. Cherry is a type of tree, not a stain. If a mahogany finish is desired, I use actual mahogany. A durable protective coating is all a quality hardwood needs to be beautiful and protected for decades.  If your needs do include stain or paint, however, I do have experience in those and a variety of other finishing techniques.

I look forward to working with you as we make your furniture needs and design ideas come to life!

More about me:  I grew up surrounded by sawdust.  I'm the fourth generation of woodworking Denette (that we know of, it could go back farther).  I have been woodworking for over ten years, and have been doing commissioned pieces for the last six.  I've presented for both the Arkansas Woodworkers Association and the Hot Springs Village Woodworkers Club, and have had my projects featured in several publications, as well as an art gallery showing.  When I'm not woodworking, I teach 9th grade English to some great kids at Conway Junior High School.  My wife, Aryn, and I live in Conway, AR, with our son, Fox, and a border collie named Ash..

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